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May 10 @ 8:00 am - May 12 @ 9:00 pm

Friday to Sunday 10th May 2019 to 12th May 2019

Chandi Homam is one of the most significant Havan or Homam among all of the Homam or Yajna performed by Hindus.

Chandi Homam or Chandi Havan is an auspicious sacrificial fire ritual dedicated to Goddess Chandi. Maa Chandi or Goddess Chandi is worshipped through chanting mantras and performing Chandi Havan.

Chandi or Chandika is the supreme Goddess in Hindu religion.Devi Chandika, is said to be the incarnation of cosmic energy itself.Supreme Goddess Chandi is the combined form of Parvati, Lakshmi & Saraswati, who are the consorts of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma respectively.Goddess Chandika is believed to be the most ferocious incarnation of cosmic energy or Adi Parashakti, and the mother of all the energies is considered responsible for creation (Rajas), sustenance (Sattva or Satvika) and destruction (Tamas).

Goddess Chandi is considered to be quite angry with the evil and is said to slay (or destroy) the bad  elements or demons (Asur) according to Devi Mahatmya, a great poem of 700 verses (also called Durga Saptasathi or Chandi) celebrating the destruction of demons.Chandi Homa is performed by chanting Mantras from the Durga Saptashati and prescribed religious offerings into the sacrificial fire (Havan or Homam).To please Goddess Chandi the nine-lettered Navakshari Mantra, one of the main mantras is chanted during the Shakti Puja.It is also known as Navarna Mantra or Navavarna Mantra. The other Mantras called Argala Stotra, Devi Kavacham and Keelaka Stotra, Sri Vidya Mantra and Chandi mantra are chanted followed by Kumari Puja and Suvasini Puja.

With the blessings of Goddess, by taking part in the recitation of Durga Saptashati  and performance of Chandi  Homam, one may be able to remove the obstacles and negativity from one’s life, and might help in getting rid of one’s Pithru Dosha related problems, thereby protecting oneself from serious illness etc.

With the grace of Goddess Chandi, it is often said that one’s long awaited desires may get fulfilled too. One can also be blessed with good health, wealth, success, prosperity, name, fame, power, mental peace by performing Puja and Chandi Homam.

Chandi Homam Events and Tariff

Sri Durga Maha Abhishekam – 12th May Morning (1 Host Only) $2,001.00
Chandi Homam Devine Chapter Hosting- 12th May Morning  (2 hosts per Chapter (26 Hosts in total) $1,001.00
Chandi Divine Saree Offerings (Only 108 Available) $101.00
Nava Durga Homan – 10th May Evening (3 Hosts) $501.00
Ashtalakshmi Homam – 11th May Morning (3 Hosts) $501.00
Saraswathi Homam – 11th May Evening (3 Hosts) $501.00
Thiruvillaku pooja – 11th May Evening $51.00
Pornahuthi Tray -(All Three Homams) $51.00
Kunkumarchana (12th May Only) $31.00
Annadhanan Hosting (Per Session) $1,200.00
Flowers & Garlands Offering (Per Session) $250.00


10th May 2019 Friday

 Morning  8.00 am to 11.30am

Invitation to the Sivachariars to come & conduct the Chandiyaakam.Thevatha Anuknai, Vigneshwara Pooja, Punyaakavasanam, Panchakavyam, Yajamana Sangkalpam, Maha Ganapathy,Homam, Draviyahuthi Purnahuti, Deeparadhana &  Prasadam

Evening 5.00pm     To 9.00pm    

Durga Ganapathy Pooja, Mathrukaa Pooja,Punyaakavasanam, Sangkalpam, Pustaka Pooja, Sapthasathi,Devimahathimya  Paaraayanam, Navakshari Homam,Navadurga Homam, Draviyahuthi Poornahuthi,Deeparadhana & Prasadam.

11th May 2019 Saturday

Morning 8.30am to11.30am             

Vigneshwara Pooja, Punyaakavasanam, Sangkalpam, Sapthasathi, Devimahathmiya Paaraayanam, Ashtalakshmi, Homam, Navakshari  Homam, Draviyahuth Poornahuthi, Deeparadhana & Prasadam

Evening 5.00pm   To 8.00pm

Vigneshwara Pooja, Punyaakavasanam, Sangkalpam, Navaavarana Pooja, Sapthasathi, devimahatimya Paaraayanam, Navakshari Homam, Methaa Saraswathi Homam, 108 Thiruvilakku poojas, Poornahuthi, Deeparadhana& Prasadam.


12th May  2019 Sunday

Morning 8.30am  to 11.30am           

Vigneswara Pooja, Punyaakavasanam, Sangkalpam,  Navaavarana Pooja, Agniprathishdai, Navakshari Homam, Sapthasathi Mahamanthirathhal

 (Maha Nava Chandi yaakam),Bramachari Pooja, Kanya Pooja, Sumangali Pooja With silk sarees – Vastharahuthi, Vashotharaahuthi, Maha poornahuthiMaha Deeparadhana, Yaatraathanam.

Kadangkal (Kalasams) begin procession round Temple.Ashtha Thasabuja  Mahalakshmi Durga,Maha Kumabhishekamtogether Maha Deeparadhana & Prasadam

Evening 7.00pm To 9.00pm

Shri Lalitha Sahassranaama Navasakthi Archanai.,ushpanjali Ashtha Namaskaaram, Vetha Upasaaram,Sandikaa Paramesvariyin Anukiraham Peruthal, Maha Deeparadhana & Prasadam.


Chapters for Hosting

1  Mahakali Sandikai

She who banishes our fear gives us long life, and removes our illnesses and gives us good health.

2 Mahalakshmi Sandikai

Drives away our troubles and gives us happiness and removes indebtedness and gives us wealth and properties.

3 Sangari Sandikai

Removes troubles and gives us peace of mind and banishes worries and gives us great joy.

4 Jeyadurga Sandikai

Overcomes defeat and gives us victory and removes obstacles and brings us victory.

5 Maha Saraswathi Sandikai

Banishes ignorance and gives us wisdom and removes forgetfulness and help choose us good women.

6 Padmavathy Sandikai

Drives away fear and gives us safety and removes helplessness and gives us strength of mind.

7  Rajamathangi Sandikai

Banishes poverty and gives us employment and business success and gives us status, position and fame in ruling circles.

8  Bavani Sandikai

Banishes evil traits and gives us good qualities and removes all sins and gives us wished for success.

9 Arthambikai Sandikai

Drives away sorrow and brings harmony between husband and wife and    removes religious differences and gives us international amity.

10) Kameshwari  Sandikai

Removes lifelong sins and gives us good children. Removes all doshas and gives us what we wish for in life.

11) Bhuvanesvari Sandikai

Banishes worldly cares and gives us worldly progress and removes natural disabilities and gives us all happy things.

12) Agni Durga Sandikai

Banishes evil eye and enemy attacks and gives us a good life and removes heaty diseases and gives us a healthy body.

13) Sivadharika Sandikai

Removes worldly misfortunes and gives us happiness and, gives Sumangalis good fortune


May 10 @ 8:00 am
May 12 @ 9:00 pm
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